Ray caster in C

Here's another old project of mine to be documented now. It's a very simplistic ray caster written in C using SDL.

Ray casting is an old technique that was used before 3D-accelerated videocards existed. It creates a 3D looking effect using some simple trigonometry. One of the most famous games using it is Wolfenstein 3D.

I implemented my own simple ray caster about a year ago, and even recorded a Youtube video for it. I just never felt like making a blog post, but better late than never :)

Here's a video showing it off. Sorry if the bobbing effect makes you sick, it was a little experiment I tried back then and I don't feel like making a new video now.

The code (without the bobbing) is available here.

It's quite hacky -- as usual -- so there's probably lots of bugs, but I feel like it can't hurt to share it :)