Top-down GTA-ish prototype

In the spirit of the last couple of posts, here's another old project of mine that's lacking a blog post.

Let's start off with a video:

As you can see, my plan was to imitate the classic top-down camera style made popular by GTA 1 and 2. It was mostly an exercise in (old-style) OpenGL for me. Here's the things it can do:

  • Loading the map from a file
  • Loading and applying textures
  • Loading and rendering a bitmap font (debug info)
  • Basic player movement (Steering with either arrows or mouse)
  • Very basic collision detection

If I were to to this project today, I'd use modern OpenGL, which is something I've been wanting to mess with for a while (you might see some posts about this soon), but back when I made this (more than a year ago), I barely knew old-style OpenGL.

It's written in C and uses SDL to create a cross-platform OpenGL context. Looking back at it, the code is pretty bad, but I guess some people might want to see it :)

Here is the source-code. And here is a windows executable.