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Hi there, my name is Thomas Rinsma. This page serves as a bit of an overview of me and my online presence.

Some things I like in no particular order are: neat algorithms, beautifully ugly hacks, automating things, deconstructing things, well-structured information, programming, reverse-engineering, lists.

I am currently working as a Security Analyst at Riscure in Delft.


Things I made or projects I’m working on:

  • My recently-revived hobby project: Dromaius, a GameBoy emulator/debugger.
  • DROP, an IDA Pro plugin for interactive deobfuscation.
  • A modern C++ game-engine with recursive portal rendering code, blog post (c. 2013)


I wrote a few things for/during my studies:


I’m just bragging now, but hey, it’s my website.

  • As of November 2018, I am an OSCP :)
  • I co-hosted a side-channel analysis workshop at the Croatia summerschool on real-world crypto and privacy.
  • I am a casual bug bounty hunter, check me out in the OV-Chipkaart Hall-of-Fame ;).
  • A PC-speaker beep shellcode I wrote when I was 16 is listed in the Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools WikiLeaks dump.

Contact info

  • Send me an email (PGP: EEF0 776D BAB8 8B2F E6F3 D9CC 5D5D 155A D975 9AC8).
  • See my projects on GitHub.
  • Add me on LinkedIn.